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The Blame Game
The Blame Game
It was your turn first to play the blame game and you span the spinner,
Spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning past all the colours of our rainbow
and it landed on me.
I couldn't stop you and it wasn't fair and in the end was it my entire fault?
You told me I should have done something or said something or …
You give up and pass the spinner
enjoying the roll of the blame as it leaves a sour taste in your mouths
passing the spinner on.
The blame game is a ritual because nobody is strong,
nobody can hold the burden that the blame holds
heavy on weak shoulders
and poison against soft skin.
Again and again and again the spinner is passed.
Father, Sister, Brother, Mother, Lover…
Friend? Is that me? Am I still your friend?
Even though I couldn't stop you or save you and the others spurn me like toxic smoke.
Worming my way into the cracks that you created and I fill up.
Should I spin the spinner now?
This time it will fall on me. Even I can
:iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 1 0
Jade Harley - Dress of Eclectica Cosplay by littlesisterrapture Jade Harley - Dress of Eclectica Cosplay :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 27 2 Chibi Lucy Heartfilia by littlesisterrapture Chibi Lucy Heartfilia :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 8 1 LittleSisterRapture by littlesisterrapture LittleSisterRapture :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 4 2
Pretty Little Princess
Pretty little princess with her skin stretched so thin,
Over a face that withers within and colours that fade
in the endless downpour of coloured rain.
You walk and you stumble and you bow for your audience,
You make your way across the parking lot and to your carriage
but does it wait for you or have you missed your last chance?
They throw a rose at you and you catch it,
bowing to the roaring crowd.
Encore will you miss, will you hope sincerely I
Your pale skin is tainted with a red mark,
Did you put the red mark there my pretty little princess or did one
forget the magic word.
Encore will you miss or miss you will encore
Your show is over,
The curtains draw across a battered cast and crew,
But your still there aren’t you my little pretty princess.
Waiting, waiting and then leaving.
You call into the deafening silence and the emptiness replies,
You leave, you return, you leave and then you return.
It’s over now my pretty little princess,
But your encore has yet to begin.
:iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 2 0
Call my name
My name was I can’t remember.
Do you see me against the transparent window pane?
Do you hear me screaming till my throat is sore?
Do you know that someone up there is still alive?
I can feel, touch and smell,
The burning smoke as it blisters my flesh,
The sharp texture of rubble as it surrounds me like a crib.
The smell of ash as it invades my body.
I surrender.
You might hear me screaming or maybe not
The others voices fading into a continuous blur,
They are fading, fading away…
Just another memory…
To you to me. To you to me.
We are the worst hit,
We are the ones who are feared
But do you not hear me,
I’m still up here.
Facing the brutal beatings of the flames licking my skin,
The falling concrete like
I don’t belong here.
I know you are waiting for my show to end so I applaud you
For staying so long.
I might see you again.
Or maybe not…
Call my name I can’t remember,
Are you happy now?
'Cause I surrender
:iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 2 0
Monster High Venus McFlytrap by littlesisterrapture Monster High Venus McFlytrap :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 8 0 Homestuck - Trickster Roxy by littlesisterrapture Homestuck - Trickster Roxy :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 8 3
The man who fell in love with a Sim
40 years old, virgin, Coca-Cola at hand and an Xbox 360 controller firmly placed in his grasp. The only words that ever escaped his lips where ‘COD Gamer Online’ and ‘Sniper 3 degrees left of the south flag’, and anything that seemed to linger around those topics.
An avid gamer, he would spend hours, his dim blue eyes glued to the screen of his TV, not moving an inch and sometimes, slumbering on his sofa. With the bowl of chips fallen to the floor in a heap, an slice of pepperoni pizza left stone cold under the sofa and the sticky brown spill of a can of Pepsi by the radiator. With his short shift at the comic book store, only a stone’s throw away. A fast food courtyard in the nearest shopping centre and money on hand so that he never ran out of games, he was in his own personal haven. His gold membership was unlimited and he never ceased to do anything that resembles personal hygiene. His hair remained unwashed six out of the seven days of the week and hi
:iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 2 4
Vegetables and Galaxy Bars- Chapter one- A Phan
Genre- Romance (When it gets to that bit. Be patient… Yes, you there… be patient)
Warning- No warning, not yet anyway *mischievous laugh*
Disclaimer- I do not own these people, and events are purely fictional *insert legal stuff here*
Dan picked up the gleaming knife, the silver blade glinting in the orange sunset that swam through the chinks in the blinds. Dan ran he tip of his finger down the blade, liking the way it felt down his skin, the anticipation, the longing, the waiting. He lifted up his hand, the knife firmly held in the grove of his palm, and brought it down hard. Hearing the large crunch and the ear shattering bang as it hit the kitchen counter.
“Dan!” Phil cried, running in the kitchen to examine the counter. He ran his hand across the large dent in the cream coloured counter, and half a bright orange carrot that had fallen onto the floor.
“This was a newly fitted kitchen. Look what you did!” Phil said, sighing heavily. He rested his
:iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 9 8
Innocent High - BOTDF by littlesisterrapture Innocent High - BOTDF :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 15 4 Orihime and Kon by littlesisterrapture Orihime and Kon :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 10 2 Tasty Anime Lunchbox by littlesisterrapture Tasty Anime Lunchbox :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 4 6 The Nekozawa Family by littlesisterrapture The Nekozawa Family :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 26 14 Kaori Satsuki- OC ID card by littlesisterrapture Kaori Satsuki- OC ID card :iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 3 0
Take two of Phil's video- A phan (+Kickthestickz)
Chris P.O.V- Preparation
We trawled back to the house and Dan went into his room to collect our shopping bags. We really should have told them we were coming over instead of them coming over to us, but hey, the video will be a success- we had a little time to brainstorm at our sleepover last night. Ok, a little time, kind of meant about two minutes of us grabbing a pencil and sitting down, possibly thinking how we were going to brainstorm… Does that even count?
“HEY CHRIS, GET IN HERE NOW” and I jumped off the cream sofa, nearly sending PJ flying backwards and ran to Dan’s room. Ohhh, now, I made a little investment in Tesco, the video was to be a joint effort so why couldn’t I contribute. On the laminate flooring, where my bags of Haribo’s, about sixty packets and I added a spooky mix too which was half price, since Halloween was long gone.
“How much was all this?” Dan said holding my bag of spooky Haribo’s and throwing them to th
:iconlittlesisterrapture:littlesisterrapture 16 9
FREE ICON CHARMANDER by uPikachu Check out my newest deviations FREE ICON CHARMANDER by uPikachu
free DRIP DROP icon by cremecake:iconrequestsopen::icontradesask::iconkiribansclosed: free DRIP DROP icon by cremecake


Fairy Tail chapter 256 by NoctusInfinity Fairy Tail chapter 256 :iconnoctusinfinity:NoctusInfinity 217 60 Fairy Tail Shipping by Rhov Fairy Tail Shipping :iconrhov:Rhov 148 81
Summer Break (part 3)
The next day at Hnabusa's family's summer villa while Kaname eats his breakfast Hanabusa goes to the guest room Helen has been staying in and finds her sat at one of the room's two windows looking outside with a blank look on her face and her wrist bandaged up to protect it from where Helen bit her own wrist and self-fed on some of her blood "Helen do you want a hand packing as we are going back to the moon dorm today?" Hanabusa asks but then sees her suitcase is all ready packed "Kaname-sama is here isnt he?" Helen asked without looking away from the window "he is Helen he arrived last night to take us both back to the moon dorm" Hanabusa replyed "oh .... I see" Helen said as she stood up and slowly walked out the room as Hanabusa picked up her suitcase and handed it to a maid so it can be put into Kaname's car.
Helen walked downstairs to have breakfast but once she saw Kaname sitting there at the table in the kitchen she decided instead to just have a glass of water instead of having
:iconhuskeyninja:HuskeyNinja 4 2
Hogwarts student maker by Hapuriainen Hogwarts student maker :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 4,913 2,213 Gotham Girls Dress Up Game by evilfuzzle2 Gotham Girls Dress Up Game :iconevilfuzzle2:evilfuzzle2 498 122 AC2013#12 Harley Quinn dress up by Hapuriainen AC2013#12 Harley Quinn dress up :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 696 90 over the garden wall by littlemissbubbles over the garden wall :iconlittlemissbubbles:littlemissbubbles 51 2 Jeff by littlemissbubbles Jeff :iconlittlemissbubbles:littlemissbubbles 4 2 left or right handed meme by littlemissbubbles left or right handed meme :iconlittlemissbubbles:littlemissbubbles 2 0 Poop by littlemissbubbles Poop :iconlittlemissbubbles:littlemissbubbles 3 0 11 by I-AM-YOUR-LORD 11 :iconi-am-your-lord:I-AM-YOUR-LORD 1,882 1,866 john homestuck by littlemissbubbles john homestuck :iconlittlemissbubbles:littlemissbubbles 4 0 oc by littlemissbubbles oc :iconlittlemissbubbles:littlemissbubbles 2 0 tokyo ghoul kaneki by littlemissbubbles tokyo ghoul kaneki :iconlittlemissbubbles:littlemissbubbles 4 6 Baby Harley pg 33 by xero87 Baby Harley pg 33 :iconxero87:xero87 62 106 Hanabusa (holding Pocky) by HuskeyNinja Hanabusa (holding Pocky) :iconhuskeyninja:HuskeyNinja 9 2
Free Avatar-Ameba by leniinha Everybody who I added to my favourites, I love your work and think it's awesome Free Avatar-Ameba by leniinha


I love this piece so much (not just because my name is Klara too :-) ). Its beautifully drawn, I like the colour highlights such as the g...

Only one word can sum up what impact this artwork had on me, Amazing. The quality of the image is wonderful with clear colour and the w...




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Why hello there my fellow humans!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 2:09 PM
  • Listening to: Theory of a Deadman
  • Reading: To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Watching: Sword Art Online (SAO)
  • Playing: Dead Space
  • Eating: Grapes
  • Drinking: Strawberry Milkshake
Cyndaquil hide Stitch clap plz What Did You Just Say Ohmyglob [EXO] Baekhyun Emoticon Adam (HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA) [V2]  - Well, these emotions pretty much sum up my mood right now. I am feeling pretty random right now but that is just me I am pretty random all the time. Also, the last emoticon is because I am watching Free! right now so that is probably the best way to describe how I am feeling.

Kazuto Kirigaya (Blush) [V1]Okay, now for news of the week. This week I started to watch SAO (Sword art online). I have been putting this anime off for ages so I finally  decided , it was time I watched it and to be honest, I am really enjoying it. But lets just wait and see :-D 

:rock: Also guys, my Dad has just bought me tickets to see Black Stone Cherry, Theory of a Deadman and Airbourne at the LG Arena Birmingham this October. I am officially very very excited since I love going to concerts. My last concert there was Avenged Sevenfold who may or may not have been FREAKIN' AWESOME!

boo What's your favourite idea? Mine is thinking creatively. GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOUR.
WOOI have also been playing alot of Dead space lately. If any of you guys are a Origin user, Dead Space is free for a limited time to download  and I have been playing it none stop. I also have been playing Sims 3. However, most of all I have been enjoying Clash of Clans. Let's just take a minute to acknowledge I have finally upgraded my town hall. Every time I earn just a few thousand off the upgrade. I log off and then I get raided... 

Apart from revising and eating grapes. I am doing fabtabulous.

Have a nice week guys.

'LOTSA SPAGHETTI' emoticon Also, check out my you tube channel Thepyjamapolice , that would be fantastic. 


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